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Glory Forms

Second Surgery Success so far!

by Catherine Jacobs on 10/29/21

Dear readers: 

I pray you are well.
I retired from teaching elementary art, after 34 years, two years ago, just before covid hit.

Unfortunately I have not been able to sculpt and cast the resin dolls of for several years. I had my first surgery on my left hand September 21, of last year.

This year on October 7, 2021, I had my second osteoarthritis surgery.  This time on my right hand. My surgeon removed a bone full of spurs in my thumb, and replaced it with tendons from my hand. It's a long, painful recovery. So far it has been successful. Praise the Lord.

 Lord willing, I look forward to eventually returning to sculpting. My therapy will start in about a month. I will be using sequentially soft to hard therapy putty to gain strength to be able to sculpt again. It takes many months.

While healing from surgery, I have not been still. 

I am learning all I can about drawing digitally, using single letter shortcuts, and 3-d printing. I hope to learn to 3-d print my sculpts. I am learning at our local maker space at our library, as I do not have a 3d printer.

I am posting my progress on my Instagram page catherinejacobs7999.

Last year I created a channel on Youtube.  Catherinejacobsart. I have videos on me painting and creating art activities for adults and children. Watch for new time lapse demos coming soon.
This past summer I have written and am working on a series of illustrated children's books. My critique group and mentors from several Christin writers conferences have help me hone my skills. 
The first book is currently called Baby You Grew. I will be posting progress on my facebook godslittleones page  and  my catherinejacobs7999 instagram page.  
I am completing the proposal to send to an agent. 

Praise the Lord, I am a published author and illustrator Two magazines have published my work so far.  Focus on the Family Clubhouse Magazine and Time of Singing poetry magazine. More info on my site.

I am starting a Glory Forms Newsletter to help keep track of all the progress in one easy place.

If you are interested in signing up for the newsletter please email me with News Letter Please in the subject line and tell me you give me permission to send it to you. It will come to your inbox once a month. I plan on having some digital downloads to help you. Please email me and let me know what you would like or need. [email protected].

 I can still paint and draw for short times. My hand is healing and  I will be able to get back to illustrating soon.

You can send me your email at the address above on the contact page of this site, or my site to be the first to learn the progress on my creations and know when they are ready for you enjoyment.

You can look for me on face book as well,  but I am not as active there, yet. 
Trying to figure out how to coordinate all the social media. 

I am praying for you. Please pray for me. Love to hear from you,

God Bless you!


Three Christian Writers Conferences!

by Catherine Jacobs on 06/19/21

If you are interested in receiving news about the upcoming books or model progress, please add your name to my email or newsletter. 


September 2020. I had a bone in my left wrist removed. After many months of painful therapy documented on my catheriejacobs6999 Instagram account, I am now able to draw again. I am still working to be able to sculpt models again soon as well. 


In the mean time, 

Lord willing, I am planning on attending three different Christian Writers conferences this summer.


Why am I going? I am seeking representation by an agent for publishing a 32 page children’s picture book titled “I Grew”. I have written it at a second-grade reading level. 

“I Grew!”

500-word picture book for ages 5 and up. 

Answers how babies grow in their mother’s womb. 

Shows the cute, cuddly, bopping, kicking and slurping process. 

Written for families with a baby on the way and curious siblings.

Connects this process to Jesus’ birth to inspire all ages.

Soft pastels radiate the warmth of the womb, wrapping 

readers with the wonder of God’s plan for each precious pre-born.


It’s a pre-nativity story telling how the creator of the universe put on flesh cell by cell to dwell among us. You grew in a similar way. You too were divinely designed, and fearfully and wonderfully made. You are made in God’s sacred image. Curious children can learn; when life begins, when the heart first beats, when they could suck their thumb and roll over and even when they could eat, drink, pee, and poo.



June 24-26, 2021


Lord willing I am taking a work in progress workshop with Author Pam Halter and Illustrator Kim Sponaugle.

Please pray for me as I will also be pitching to agents and editors. 


July 18-23, 2021

Lord willing I am signed up to take a children’s non-fiction work in progress  with author  Annette Whipple.

And a critique with Literary agent  


August 26-28, 2021


 As of today, I have plans to meet take continuing sessions on self-publishing and marketing. 


Hopefully by the end of the summer I will have either agent representation, a publisher or the knowledge to write/illustrate and publish my own children’s books.


If you are interested in receiving news about the Up coming books or model progress

Please add your name to my email list. 

Writers Conferences

by Catherine Jacobs on 06/30/18

Come join me at two christian writers conferences this summer. for the 29th Annual Montrose Christian Writers Conference. July 22-27, 2018
at the Greater Philly Christian Writers ConferenceGreater Philly photo
July 26-28 At the Dock Mennonite Academy in Lansdale, Pa
I am not a presenter. I am participating as almost an author.
Some day I hope the book I have written illustrating how a baby grows in utero for little children, will someday be published. 

Bad News/ Good News/ Best News

by Catherine Jacobs on 04/02/18

Bad News- January 1st I fell down our stairs at home pulling muscles and ended up in the Emergency Room. 

Good News - Stairs were carpeted and I broke nothing, Praise the Lord! Off a week at work to heal. 
Bad News- Feb. 15th I had an Appendectomy which ruptured, hemorrhaged, abscessed, then a blood transfusion, lots of pain, almost three weeks in hospital, Off seven weeks from work teaching, to heal. 
Good News- I have a publisher interested in the book. 

Best News! I have received a donation to finish sculpting the rest of the models in the series.

 If you have a baby born 33, 34, 37, or 39 weeks of pregnancy and you would like a birth portrait doll sculpted please contact me for details. I can do now do this at minimal cost.
This offer is on a first come basis.

Wanted: Testimonials Please

by Catherine Jacobs on 08/17/17

Dear Friends:

If you have been helped in any way by the work of this artist please post a comment in the guest book. If you would be willing to have your testimony of how these models/dolls helped you heal or in any other way please contact the artist for details. We are looking for ways to share stories of this work with publications that can reach many other people.
Please email me by clicking the email link. 
Kind regards to you,
The artist,

Sign InView Entries
Model search for babies born at 33, 34, 37, 39 weeks of pregnancy. 

A grant has been made to cover the cost of materials for making your portrait doll by

Artist goal is to finish the series of sculpting all 40 weeks of life. 
You can help save real babies lives.
 Please contact artist. See link below.