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About God's Little Ones
Founded in 2000. We strive to create the most beautiful, medically accurate portraits of real babies. 
Each baby sculpture is a life size portrait replica of a real baby  from 0-40 weeks of pregnancy equal to 2-38 weeks of life. 

Our models and dolls have been used for pro-life education, medical education, medical research, proof in court that these babies are real and deserve legal representation, prenatal education models, kangaroo care teaching models, grief therapy models and celebrations of real living preemie miracle babies. 

These models  are visual tactile proof of that human life exists at the moment of fertilization as evidenced in medical and scientific texts.  The artist started this work after the loss of a child through miscarriage and during the high risk life threatening pregnancy which put her on bed rest,  to show her young daughters (who were ages two and four at the time), how developed and human their tiny twin brothers looked and what they could do while they were developing inside their mommy.

Each model is originally hand sculpted in polymer clay, then cast in collector quality resin. The process takes many hours and the dolls represented on this site have taken the artist 27 years to research, develop and create. 

The artist is a retired full time elementary art teacher and does not make a living making these dolls.
Interested in learning more?
Below are samples of portrait dolls next to the photos of the babies they represent
Portrait sculpt of John at 32 weeks pregnancy
Actual photo of John at Birth
Portrait of Calvin at 32 weeks pregnancy
Bradley model next to the 
photo of the real child born at 21 weeks pregnancy
Jocelyn at 31 weeks pregnancy
Resin doll made from the sculpt at the left of
Original sculpt of Kellie Born at 23 weeks gestation
Her birth photo on the right.
Resin doll model of Kellie born at 23 weeks of pregnancy. 
Resin models of Audrey and Jacob born at 24 weeks of their mothers pregnancy.
Original portrait doll of Phillip at 26 weeks of pregnancy next to the photo of the real child at birth.
Resin doll made of Phillip at 26 weeks of pregnancy

Portait sculpt of Katie at 29 weeks next to photos the the real child. 
Finished Katie Resin Doll at 29 weeks
Would you like to see and feel your babies face in 3-d before they are born?

The artist can now draw from an ultrasound or create a bas relief sculpt from your 3-d ultrasound.  The artist is now taking orders.